Community Education & Professional Training

Please inquire about additional training topics. Staff also available for consultation and train-the-trainer educational series. To request a speaker, educational session, or professional training, please submit a request here.

This is not an exhaustive list. All sessions/trainings are provided in a developmentally appropriate manner and can be adapted for all audiences as well as for length of time. Please inquire about additional training topics, consultation, and train-the-trainer educational series.

Sexual Assault 101

One 45-60 minute session. Basic information about sexual assault, including statistics, facts, and the effects of sexual violence.

Roots of Sexual Violence

Information about the root causes of sexual violence including stereotypes, discrimination, and inequality. Explores how sexual violence is connected to other types of violence (known as ‘intersectionality’) and oppression, such as racism, sexism, and genocide.

Sexual Harassment

Appropriate for high school and college age youth and adults. What is sexual harassment, how to respond if it happens to you or someone you know, the continuum of sexual violence, facts, statistics, and the effects of sexual harassment.

Understanding Trauma

Detailed information about the effects of trauma, as well as how to support people who may be experiencing trauma.

PTSD/Rape Trauma

Detailed information about Post Traumatic Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, the effects of trauma on the brain, and how to support people who may be experiencing trauma.

History and Prevention of Sexual Violence

One 90-minute training about the history of sexual assault in the U.S. including the sexual violence prevention movement, a broad overview of root causes of sexual violence, and a systems approach to prevention.

Bystander Intervention

Single session or series (recommend series). Appropriate for high school age students and older. Includes the continuum of sexual violence, reasons people do/do not intervene in risky situations, role play interventions, and rape culture.

Crisis Intervention (youth & adults)

One 60 minute session. Basic skills to effectively intervene with a person in crisis and common effects of sexual violence. Suitable for middle school grades and up.

Standing Up to Injustice

Single 60 minute session. Designed to start conversations with students about gender roles, stereotypes, and discrimination.  Discussion focused on how to speak up when the audience sees or experiences unfairness, inequality, prejudice, and every day injustice.

Sexual Violence: Defining the Problem and Moving Forward (Law Enforcement)

One 60-90 minute session. This session includes the Sexual Assault Awareness presentation, along with additional information useful for law enforcement professionals such as the effects of trauma on victim behavior (for purposes of interviewing).

Breaking the Box: Gender Norms & Sexual Violence

One 90 minute session. Explores gender stereotypes and how narrow definitions of gender can limit options for both sexes, as well as put all people at risk of experiencing/perpetrating violence. This topic is recommended to be part of a series.